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Headaches? Back pain? Sound familiar? Not to worry! Read on to see how Chiropractic can help you overcome any pain in your body!

"No More Chronic Pain!!"

"When I first came here I was in a lot of pain, and could not function. My stress level was over the roof! I had chronic severe pain for over ten years and I thought that pain would be a normal part of my life.  I was having pain in my neck, back, shoulder, and all over my body. Now, most of the pain is gone and I am functioning better! I am more relaxed and I sleep better. Advanced Holistic Healthcare has helped me by adjusting my back and doing a weekly detox. I was overweight, and I have lost 30 lbs in less than 40 days thanks to Dr. Ray and all the staff that worked together to help me better my health."

-Doreen R.

"No More Sciatica Pain!!"

"When I first came to Advanced Holistic Healthcare, I did not know anything about the spine, bones, and cells etc. My spine was in a Phase 2 decay and I had sciatica pain for many years. I always felt weak, bloated, and I had constant leg pain. After the X-Rays, education, and state of the art technology from Advanced Holistic Healthcare, all aspects of my life have improved and I have no more sciatica pain! I have become more active and I am able eat again without any stomach problems. I have learned that consistency is VITAL in my care. I thank God for the treatment and knowledge that all of the doctors have given me. I also want to thank the beautiful staff for their patience as they juggle tasks at the front desk."

-Monica H.

"No More Antibiotics!!"

"Before I came to Advanced Holistic Healthcare, I had chronic back pain, headaches, and I couldn’t sleep for about a year and a half. These symptoms were affecting my relationships and my family. Since beginning care, I sleep more, I have more energy and patience, I’m more focused and, best of all, I have no more back pain or headaches! Now, not only do I get treated at AHH, but my whole family does, including my children. Since they began care, their yearly colds that we used to treat with antibiotics have disappeared and the whole family no longer needs medicine of any kind!  

-Diana R.

Here's scientific research explaining how Chiropractic helps Back Pain:

Numerous studies over past years have shown that chiropractic care was beneficial for patients with acute and short term back pain. 

The May 2001 issue of the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics reported a study on the effect of chiropractic care on patients with recurrent or long-lasting back pain. 

A total of 19 chiropractors participated in this study. 158 patients were studied, all of whom had long lasting or reoccurring lower back pain. All subjects did not have had any chiropractic care in the 6 months prior to the study. 

The results showed that about 50% of patients reported that they had "improved" at the 4th visit. By the 12th visit, nearly 75% of the patients reported that "improvement" had occurred. The researchers concluded that, "There seems to be a distinct recovery pattern among chiropractic patients with relatively long-lasting or recurrent lower back pain."

Chiropractic also helps patients with Neck Pain:

A study published in the December 2005 scientific journal, Clinical Chiropractic, showed that chiropractic helped subjects in the study with neck pain. The study explained that more than 70% of people in the world will experience neck pain at some point in their lifetimes.

21 people were divided into two groups for the study. One group included people who had neck pain for less than 7 weeks and the other group included people who had chronic neck pain for more than 7 weeks. 

The 21 patients who completed the study all received chiropractic care. 

The results showed that for the group of people with neck pain for less than 7 weeks, all the patients experienced a decrease in pain with 6 of the 7 reporting a significant improvement. In the group of people with chronic neck pain of longer than 7 weeks, 12 out of experienced improvement. 

This means that almost 86% of patients experienced a huge improvement in neck pain because of chiropractic care!

Th researchers concluded that, "The results demonstrate a positive effect for chiropractic on symptoms of neck pain. The more chronic the presentation, the more treatments were required to achieve asymptomatic status."

Chiropractic can also help get rid of headaches!

Evidence reports released by the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research show the effectiveness of chiropractic care for people with "tension headaches".

A story released on  February 2001 reported a study done at Duke University several years earlier. In the study, many different types of physical and behavioral treatments were used for patients with headaches. Chiropractic care was specifically compared to amitriptyline, a common medication used for headaches.

In this study, the staff at the Duke Center drafted an evidence report with a peer review from a panel of 25 reviewers, including researchers and clinicians in chiropractic.

The results of the study showed that chiropractic was highly effective for patients with tension headaches. When compared with the drug amitriptyline, chiropractic and the drug had similar short term effects during the episode. However, unlike chiropractic, the drug carried with it an adverse reaction rate in 82% of the patients.

The most profound effects of the study were seen after the care was discontinued. The patients who were on drug therapy essentially returned to the same state as before. However, the patients who were under chiropractic care continued to show sustained reduction in headache frequency and severity even after the chiropractic care was discontinued!

This study clearly shows that chiropractic is not just a short-term therapy or treatment; but rather, it gets to the cause of the problem by allowing the body to heal itself.

Chiropractic is a treatment that lasts beyond actual care!

Disclaimer: Chiropractic is used to remove interferences (subluxations) so that the power that made the body can heal the body. We make no claims to treat or cure any disease. Please be
advised that any information provided prior to an office visit is for general education purposes.

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Read What Our Patients Have to Say:

"I first came to Advanced Holistic Healthcare in severe pain following a sports injury. Over the next several weeks, while addressing the injury, I learned about the bigger picture, the steps we can take for maximum wellness through a full lifestyle and adjustments. All of this done the natural and most logical way. My thanks to Dr Ray and the whole team at AHH for their dedication to happiness and wellness. My special thanks to Dr. Gus, my brilliant healer. Almost one year in, I look forward to a long relationship with Advance Holistic Healthcare.
Thank You!"
-Abe B.

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