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benefits of holistic healthcare

More relaxed Improved coordination Increased overall comfort
More Rested Decreased headaches Increased back comfort
Stronger Improved vision
Increased neck comfort
More alert
Reduced blood pressure
Increased flexibility
More energy
Improved bowel movements
Increased joint comfort
Better memory Improved digestion
Walking is easier
Thinking more clearly
Decreased sinus congestion
Sitting is easier
Improved moods
Breathing has improved
Standing is easier
Improved sleep
Improved immunity
Lifting is easier
Improved hearing
Improved allergies
Bending is easier
Improved balance
Fewer colds/flu
Driving is easier

Quick Facts You Should Know About Chiropractic:

  1. Chiropractic care has a cost containing impact on health insurance costs.
  2. Chiropractic care often substitutes more expensive forms of medical care.
  3. Public use of chiropractic is increasing rapidly even though most of the chiropractic expenses are paid out-of-pocket by the patient.
  4. Chiropractic patients are three times more satisfied with their care than are patients of medical doctors.
  5. The 1992 Virginia Study found 
    1. “that by every test of cost effectiveness, the general weight of evidence shows that chiropractic provides important therapeutic benefits at economical cost.”
    2. “those benefits are achieved with minimal, even negligible, impact on the cost of health insurance.”
  6. The British Study published in the British Medical Journal in 1990 found that patients treated by chiropractors “almost certainly fared considerably better and maintained their improvement for at least two years.”
  7. The MEDSTAT project, also known as the Stano Report, was the largest known source of private sector information on chiropractic insurance claims.  Their findings were that the group of patients receiving medical care alone had insurance payments that were 30% HIGHER than patients receiving both medical care and chiropractic care.  Other findings include:
    1. Those receiving chiropractic care had a lower rate of hospital admissions.
    2. Those receiving chiropractic care had lower in-patient payments.
    3. Those receiving chiropractic care had 34% lower total health care costs.
  8. The Utah Study was a 1991 published study in the Journal of Occupational Medicine which found, “cost for care was significantly more for medical claims and compensation costs were ten-fold LESS for chiropractic claims.”

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Other Benefits of Holistic Healthcare

A study in 2007 compared costs of a patient under the direction of a chiropratic as their primary care physician (PCP) versus a medical doctor.  After 70,000 member-months spanning a 7-year period , hospital admission costs were decreased by 60.2 percent, cost of days spent in the hospital were decreased by 59.0 percent, and outpatient surgeries and procedures were down by 62.0 percent.

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