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Regardless of the condition you have, there are always natural alternatives.  While these natural alternatives are not a means of treating the disease they are designed to address the underlying factors that contribute to disease.  The primary focus of natural alternatives is to remove interference and allow the power within the body to take care of the body.  The research articles and testimonies contained in this section will help you gain an understanding for the scientific research and the clinical experience that we have.  Make sure to take the time to read the sections associated with any topics that you are concerned about and be sure to schedule a consultation so we can help you improve the quality of your life and health.  Remember procrastination is the thief of health so make o schedule today.

Upper Cervical Techniques

Upper Cervical Care is a unique alternative health care solution. This gentle, non-invasive technique was developed more than one hundred years ago to create a radical new way of healing that can help restore body balance and perfect health.  The focus is on removing upper cervical spinal misalignments that cause interference or blockages in communication between the Brain and the body. These misalignments are called vertebral subluxations, and can be caused by physical, chemical, and emotional stress. If left unchecked, vertebral subluxations may eventually lead to numerous conditions in all areas of the body, such as high blood pressure, vertigo, migraines, shoulder pain, low back pain, allergies, ear infections, acid reflux, carpal tunnel, parasthesia, tinnitus, trigeminal neuralgia, Meniere’s disease, and more.

The focus of the upper cervical work is the relationship between the upper cervical spine (neck) and its influence on the central nervous system and brain stem function. It is this relationship that affects every aspect of human function from the feeling sensations in your fingers to regulating hormones, controlling movement, and providing the ability to hear, see, think, and breathe.

We focus on the cause of your condition and not the symptom itself.  Upper Cervical Care is based on the universal law of cause and effect. For every effect or symptom (physical or mental), there must be a cause.  Upper Cervical doctors focus their efforts on locating and removing interference to the nerve system.  Removing this interference can allow the body to heal itself naturally without the use of potentially harmful drugs or surgery.

In most cases, you will not feel the vertebral subluxation in your upper cervical spine which is why it’s so important to have spine examined. For more information or to schedule a consultation call us at 516-742-5715 or 516-433-8720.

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Curve Correction Techniques

Scientific studies have shown that a loss in the curve of your neck is a major causative factor in all disease.

A normal healthy posture when viewed from the side should reveal a position where the ear is balanced over the shoulder and the neck maintains a forward curved position. The normal neck curve is commonly reduced or altered due to trauma or poor postural habits. To return the neck curve toward a normal healthy position it is necessary to realign the spine, strengthen the muscles in the back of the neck and to stretch the damaged ligaments of the neck. We correct the spine just like braces correct teeth.

Only an x-ray can detect proper alignment or misalignment of the curves in your spine.

Linda was a hospital administrator who entered the office after more than a year of daily headaches and increasing numbness, tingling, and progressive muscle weakness in her hands. Her medical care consisted of 3 medications and surgery on the horizon. No x-rays were taken!

In her first x-ray, we can see a reversed cervical curve, large bone spurs at C4-5, and only 3mm of disc space remaining. This is stretching her spinal cord and literally choking the life out of her C4-5 nerves (to her arms and hands). By the 3rd month of her care, Linda had been adjusted and completed cervical extension traction 3 times per week in the office, and even though all of her symptoms were gone, her curve was only 20-25% corrected. The last film in this series shows almost 100% correction after 15 months. Her C4-5 disc is now 8mm and regenerating! …and to think that her C4 & 5 vertebrea would have fused within the next 5 years!

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Brimhall Technique


Step 1: Re-establish Structural Integrity, the Foundation of Health.

Nerve and Structural interference happens when nerves or tissue are interfered with causing the life energy, which flows through them, to be blocked.  It can be produced through trauma such as an accident or fall, fractures, surgery, emotional stress, etc.

If our tissues, muscles or fascial movements are restricted it can cause interference with the electrical impulses moving through them.  Pain and disease are not the initial cause, but can be key indicators of nerve interference.

Re-establishing structural integrity is the foundation of health.  80% of all conditions improve when the structure of the body is properly re-established to allow a free flow of vital energy.

Step 2: Rebalance Electromagnetics

We live in an ocean of electromagnetism.  Our bodies have their own electromagnetic field much like a magnet has north and south polarities.  Every cell has north and south polarity that affects all functions of the cell.  Our fields should be synchronized with the natural rhythms of the earth, moon and sun.

When electromagnetic pollution from power lines, appliances, computers and TVs, microwave communications devices, and even the electric clock by the bed begins to accumulate, our entire system becomes stressed to the point of exhaustion.  Our vision declines, our cells no longer know how to build and repair the body properly, and illness can set in.

Step 3: Rebalance Nutrition

A.    Reset Adrenals & the General Adaptive Syndrome (GAS)
B.    Replenish Nutrition for Organs, Glands or Systems Weakness.
C.    Reduce Infective Organism

s in the Body.
D.    Replace Enzymes and/or HCL to Aid Digestion, Assimilation and Elimination.
E.    Restore Proper Bowl Flora to OptimizeColon Function

Survey’s show that 20% of the US population never eat vegetables, and 40% rarely consumes fruit or fruit juices.  80% of the population never consumes whole grains or high-fiber foods.  All forms of refined sugar lower the immune system’s function and interfere with the ability of the white blood cells to destroy unfriendly bacteria.

The standard American diet, which contains food grown on depleted soils, has left Americans deficient in many nutrients important to health.  In 1936, U.S. Senate Document 264 noted that 95% of Americans are deficient in one or more major minerals and many trace minerals, which have been proven to be necessary for bone mineralization.

Step 4: Reprogram the body for any Allergy or Sensitivity

Conventional estimates suggest that 35 million people in the US suffer from allergies of different kinds.  As we remove the interferences to your health, reset your adrenal gland, and correct your nutrition and digestion we must correct allergies and sensitivities or they will keep triggering your immune system back into interference.  This is a very significant stage of healing and cannot be ignored.

There are basically three causes of allergies:

1.     A substance in the environment such as dust, mold, pollen, etc.
2.     Foods or food additives such as corn, milk, soy, etc.
3.     Metabolic Byproducts (bodily fluids and tissues).

Allergic reactions can mimic a wide range of diseases and disorders and lead to confused immune system responses and to killing off friendly protective bacteria in our GI tracts, which encourages infective organisms.  Infective organisms are linked to leaky gut syndrome, or excessive permeability of the GI tract, partly caused by damaged, leaky walls in the digestive tract that allow food particles into the blood stream.  Food particles in the digestive tract are normal, but food particles in the blood stream are reacted to as foreign invaders.

Step 5: Re-evaluate Emotional Patterns & Remove Limiting Belief Systems

Emotion has been shown by the latest research to be a complex reaction between the body and mind.  This results in chemical reactions in the brain and cells, which produces energy made of electrical and magnetic nerve signals.  These energies or emotions literally have a frequency, which radiates outward from our energy field.

The mind is a field of energy made up of the brain, the body, and the entire energy field.  These chemical and energy patterns are stored in the mind-body field and this is called emotional memory.  Patterns of thought and behavior are caused by one’s perception.

Perceptions and beliefs are represented by the stored configurations of memory held in an electromagnetic field we call our mind.  Past experiences and perceptions of them control reflex emotional responses.  These emotional reflexes can then be re-played and create interferences to normal functions in life and limit one’s ability to perceive situations properly.

Step 6: Remove Heavy Metals and Other Toxins from the Body

Toxic metals are widely used in industry, food processing, and agriculture, and find their way into our air, food, and water. Exposures to these toxins are not blatantly obvious to us and are hard to pinpoint as a cause for illness. Some toxins are naturally occurring chemicals that our body has had a hard time breaking down. When accumulated in our cells these toxins can cause mutation or death. These can be harmless in very small quantities by deadly in large amounts.

Researchers and experts in environmental medicine tell us that it is not a question of if our bodies are burdened with toxic overload but “how bad is it.” Common problems of toxicity include: headaches, fatigue, general joint and muscle pain, skin disorders like rashes and eczema, and asthma and allergies. Many toxins are neurotoxins like monosodium glutamate and mercury and affect our brain functions such as memory, quick thinking and moods.

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Neuro-Emotional Technique

NET is a mind-body stress-reduction technique that uses a methodology of finding and removing neurological imbalances related to the physiology of unresolved stress. NET is a tool that helps improve mental and physical health. NET uses the Home Run Formula model as a way of categorizing health into four general areas. This model provides the practitioner with an innovative, yet time-proven method of analyzing and helping patients.

By using the power of The Home Run Formula, practitioners can confidently address and effectively help the different factors that can be the cause of their patient’s health concerns.

1)     1st base represents emotional or stress-related factors, and NET is one of the approaches used to help patients.

2)     2nd base represents the effects of toxins on the body (things that are in the body and should not be there).

3)     3rd base represents biochemistry or the nutrition factor of health (things that should be in the body and may be less than adequate). Diet and specific nutritional support may need to be addressed.

4)     4th base represents structural and physical corrections. This factor is addressed relative to the practitioner’s field of expertise.

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B.E.S.T. Technique

B.E.S.T. is a non-forceful, energy balancing hands on procedure used to help reestablish the full healing potential of the body.  Understanding the body makes no mistakes regarding health and longevity, B.E.S.T. principles acknowledge the concept of Interference we create with our conscious mind. This Interference causes imbalance in the autonomic nerve system leading to exhaustion of our organ systems over time.

Emotional B.E.S.T. utilizes advanced technology developed to update higher brain interference from expression in the physical body.  When emotional thoughts such as worry, guilt, fear, judgment, to name just a few, become the overriding factor in our memory patterns, interference with the divine plan for our perfect health and wellness becomes the norm.  This interference, formulated by conscious thought which in turn becomes a pattern, prevents the true expression of our physical bodies healing capability.  Emotional B.E.S.T. is an advanced procedure to help identify this emotional pattern, update the interference, and then allow the body to function based on current situations rather than past experiences.

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Contact Reflex Analysis

People don’t often think about the flow of energy necessary for their body to perform all of its intricate functions either. We breathe, blink, and go from an easy walk to an urgent run as we cross a busy street as well as process complex issues—all without actually thinking about how this is able to happen. A healthy body is able to adapt according to the given situation and environment. It’s called homeostasis. Energy flows balanced and free to every minute area enabling each cell, organ, and system to live and function. Unfortunately our bodies can also experience energy imbalances. Energy to an organ, gland, system, or structure may be disrupted, or it may be flowing with too high or too low of a frequency necessary for well-being. Interference in the natural, balanced vibrational frequencies of the body causes one to be predisposed to illness and dis-ease. Someone in this state of energy imbalance may be affected by the many causes of disease e.g. stress, poor nutrition, bacteria, etc. Symptoms appear. At onset these may only cause minimal irritation. However, if left unchecked the body would continue to deteriorate to a more severe state of dis-ease.

Finding and Correcting the Cause, Not the Symptoms

Traditionally, western medicine treats symptoms and diseases through differential diagnosis. It is a systematic procedure where the physician begins by observing a patient’s symptoms, examining the patient, and taking the patient’s personal and family history. The most likely causes of the symptoms are listed as possibilities. The physician will ask questions and perform tests to eliminate possibilities until he or she is satisfied that the “single most likely cause” has been identified. A diagnosis is made, and treatment is prescribed. For example, if a patient has an acid stomach, antacids are given. If the gallbladder is causing pain, it is removed surgically. If the sinuses are congested, antihistamines and decongestants are prescribed. If that doesn’t help, the sinuses are scraped. Inhalers and steroids are given to control asthma. However, the question remains…“What is the cause?” If one is unable to determine the cause, patients are doomed to a life which, at best, consists of symptom management, with no hope for complete healing.

Everyday people are diagnosed with some horrific disease. Without minimizing the severity of the diagnosis, you can ask, “What is the cause?” An active parent and work professional suffers from chronic depression. Depression is the symptom as well as the diagnosis. Yet, what’s the cause? A child cannot sit still or focus in school. Grades are very poor. The child’s been diagnosed with ADHD. Lack of focus and concentration, along with a lack of ability to be still are all symptoms. What’s the cause? A woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. What is the cause? What situation(s) occurred to allow normal cells to grow and multiply in abnormal, unhealthy ways?

Case studies have shown that no disease is an entity by itself. The cause may be a complex combination of any number of things including nerve interference, poor nutrition, chemicals, food additives, pesticides in food, water, and air, an abnormal life style, stress, abuse, loss, and other physical and emotional “hits” taken over a lifetime. Symptoms due to these issues are not necessarily noticed right away because the body has been created with many systems, organs, and glands, each with multiple backups in place. When one organ is not functioning optimally, the backup organ has to work harder to compensate. For example, if the right kidney is diseased, the left kidney must function to a greater degree. As the primary organ regains function, the backup can return to its state of ease. If any of the backup systems, organs or glands has to work overtime for long periods of time, they will tire and lose optimal function. Each time any part of the body is not functioning optimally, symptoms occur.

Unfortunately people are typically more in tune with what is and what is not working in their home than in their own body. Minor symptoms are self-treated with over-the-counter medications and nutrition, and the cause is ignored. The subtle-energy problem remains undiscovered. It is only when the symptoms become unusually annoying or severe to the point of causing concern that the patient typically thinks to see a doctor. Even then, not all doctors are trained in methods used to discover the underlying cause of health problems. Many diagnose and prescribe treatment based on symptoms alone.

Contact Reflex Analysis Offers Hope

With CRA neither symptoms nor specific diseases are treated. It is not a system of differential diagnosis, but a technique in which the doctor can correct the subtle-energy imbalance by finding and treating the cause. It is focused on wellness. In the analysis, CRA aims to discover what caused the energy situation whereby dis-ease might flourish. With this information a personalized, specific management plan can be created and implemented to care for the patient as a whole—body, mind, and spirit. With CRA patients are given hope. Not just hope that they can manage, but hope that the cause(s) will be found, complete healing will take place, and wellness is maintained.

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Scoliosis Correction Technique

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Computerized Nutritional Analysis

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Allergies & Stress Balancing System

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