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Scientific studies have shown that a loss in the curve of your neck is a major causative factor in all disease.

A normal healthy posture when viewed from the side should reveal a position where the ear is balanced over the shoulder and the neck maintains a forward curved position. The normal neck curve is commonly reduced or altered due to trauma or poor postural habits. To return the neck curve toward a normal healthy position it is necessary to realign the spine, strengthen the muscles in the back of the neck and to stretch the damaged ligaments of the neck. We correct the spine just like braces correct teeth.

Only an x-ray can detect proper alignment or misalignment of the curves in your spine.

Linda was a hospital administrator who entered the office after more than a year of daily headaches and increasing numbness, tingling, and progressive muscle weakness in her hands. Her medical care consisted of 3 medications and surgery on the horizon. No x-rays were taken!

In her first x-ray, we can see a reversed cervical curve, large bone spurs at C4-5, and only 3mm of disc space remaining. This is stretching her spinal cord and literally choking the life out of her C4-5 nerves (to her arms and hands). By the 3rd month of her care, Linda had been adjusted and completed cervical extension traction 3 times per week in the office, and even though all of her symptoms were gone, her curve was only 20-25% corrected. The last film in this series shows almost 100% correction after 15 months. Her C4-5 disc is now 8mm and regenerating! …and to think that her C4 & 5 vertebrea would have fused within the next 5 years!

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I usually have a lot of pressure at the C1 and C2 area of the neck but for some time now it went away. It has not returned so far. My mood has also improved. I now experience less mood swings.

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