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"No More Cholesterol Medicine!"

"When I first started at Advanced Holistic Health Care, I had constant neck pain and high cholesterol. Six months later, I had to go to my medical doctor and get retested for my cholesterol. I did not take any of the cholesterol medicine that was prescribed to me.  The doctor was upset that I did it, but I told him that I did a lifestyle change.  He said, “That’s not enough”, and that I should take my medication because my results were high.  I said, "What are you looking at?" He then took a second look at the computer and said “You are right! You don’t have to take the medication anymore because your cholesterol is good; keep it up and see you in six months!”"

-Dever B.

Chiropractic care can help reduce cholesterol & improve quality of life!

A case study documented on March 10, 2012 in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research illustrated changes in cholesterol levels and quality of life in a patient following chiropractic care.  

Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in the United States.  Among the major risk factors for cardiovascular disease, dyslipidemia is cited as a major risk factor. Dyslipidemia is a combination of ill-favored cholesterol levels in the circulating blood, namely Low Density Lipoprotien (LDL).

In this case study, a 49-year-old female had neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, low back pain, dyslipidemia and vertebral subluxations. Lipid lowering statins were prescribed by her medical physician, but using her own judgment, she elected not to take them.

The patient was treated with chiropractic spinal adjustments over a six-month time span. During initial care, her total cholesterol improved from 221 to 170 mg/dL. Her LDL went from 153 to 109 mg/dL and HDL went from 33 to 38 mg/dL. Triglycerides improved from 241 to 199 mg/DL and quality of life scores were increased in eight categories! No other interventions were used.  

Read how chiropractic helped even MORE patients overcome high cholesterol: 

In 1992, a retrospective study was conducted, and cholesterol lab values were taken on ten randomly selected subjects over a three-year period.  Results showed that LDL and total cholesterol decreased in 70% of the subjects, bringing 80% of the subjects originally classified as borderline high to high-risk down to desirable levels following chiropractic care!

How this works on a scientific level:

Chiropractic care results in improved function of the nervous system, which can allow the body to improve homeostasis, including improvement of blood lipid levels. The clinical process documented in this report shows that chiropractic care reduces subluxations and stress on the spinal column and nervous system, and as a result of this reduced stress, there is a reduction of "dysponesis" (errors in physical reactions to various stimuli, which as a result, produce functional disorders in the body), which is evidenced by improved quality of life and blood serum cholesterol levels.  This is very promising data!

Disclaimer: Chiropractic is used to remove interferences (subluxations) so that the power that made the body can heal the body. We make no claims to treat or cure any disease. Please be advised that any information provided prior to an office visit is for general education purposes.

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"I first came to Advanced Holistic Healthcare in severe pain following a sports injury. Over the next several weeks, while addressing the injury, I learned about the bigger picture, the steps we can take for maximum wellness through a full lifestyle and adjustments. All of this done the natural and most logical way. My thanks to Dr Ray and the whole team at AHH for their dedication to happiness and wellness. My special thanks to Dr. Gus, my brilliant healer. Almost one year in, I look forward to a long relationship with Advance Holistic Healthcare.

Thank You!"

-Abe B.

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